Color’s mathematical representation

Visible spectrum colors

Visible spectrum colors and its infinite possibilities by mixing can be represented mathematically.

There are several systems of representation, the most popular is system known as "CIE Chromaticity Triangle" (CIE -Commission Internationale de L'eclairage).

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CIE Chromaticity Triangle

In Chromatic triangle CIE, all colors are arranged on three chromaticity coordinates x, y, z, fulfilling the equality x + y + z = 1. This means that from two coordinates can be defined any one color or mix of colors.

Triangle has a curved shape on the top that is the locus of monochromatic radiation, closing at its bottom by a straight line called "purple line". 

The central area of the triangle is achromatic and on it can be located the colors of all sources of artificial light. The center of this zone is a white point where the values of the x, y, z coordinates are equal to each other (0.333 each). The further away from the center is the point sought, the more saturated will be the resulting color.